The Manufacturing, R&D and QC software for Food and Beverage Manufacturers


Software Solution For Food Manufacturers is a powerful suite of (web based) software tools which empower food and beverage manufacturers to streamline planning, increase productivity, control quality maintain consistency, and reduce a whole range of overheads. 

For the R&D teamSoftware Solution For Food Manufacturers facilitates:
  • Easy to use advanced Formula manager with support for multi level formulations
  • Tracking and management of R&D projects from brief to Win/loss
  • Collaboration with Marketing team and sharing of status and test results
  • Tracking of iterative development (i.e. different versions of a formulation) 
  • Tracking results of consumer product trials
  • Tracking properties of raw materials used in development (e.g. pH,  nutrition data, allergen information, etc). 
  • Checking of development products with respect to regulatory requirements (e.g. nutrition, kosher, halal, vegan, GMO and allergens status). 
  • Generation of compliance documents and labels in PDF format to enable easy portability and printing. 

For the Supply chain and production teamSoftware Solution For Food Manufacturers facilitates: 

  • Generation of batch sheets and tracking of product batches.
  • Detailed Lot tracking
  • Sales Order processing: Sales order, Production scheduling, Material Planning, Manufacturing, Invoicing, Shipping 
  • Purchasing processing: Material planning, Purchase Orders, Purchase batch tracking
  • Integrated Email Notification

For the QA and QC teamSoftware Solution For Food Manufacturers facilitates: 

  • Recording and tracking Quality Control data for purchased and manufactured batches against specification. 
  • Generation of Product documents, such as labeling, COA, nutrition statements, allergen declarations etc.
  • Document manager with control to assign and track status
  • Integrated Email Notification

For the Marketing and ManagementSoftware Solution For Food Manufacturers facilitates: 

  • Manage customer relationships via the Projects module (CRM)
  • Reporting tools to provide feedback to facilitate improvements

 The features and benefits of each module are described below.

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers  Formulation/Recipe Manager

At the core of Software Solution For Food Manufacturers is the powerful formula management module that facilitates the tracking of product formulations from R&D, through market trials, to commercial production. The Formula manager supports the following requirements:Formulations or recipes
  • Varying units within the formulation (e.g. liquids can be measured in liters, and powders in Kgs)
  • Multi-level formulations (e.g. sub-formulas)
  • Multi-stage formulations (i.e. Grouping of ingredients for a particular process)
  • Generation of batch sheets for R&D and production and batch tracking
  • Multiple formulations/BOM's can be created & tracked against a single product where required (e.g. different manufacturing locations may use different processes or ingredients).

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers  Project

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers's Project Management module is a powerful tool for efficient collaboration, management and tracking of development briefs whether the R&D projects is for an FMCG launch or for a specific customer. The secure, web-based system enables marketing people to enter briefs from anywhere in the world, putting the project on the fast track to the technical team for R&D work. Software Solution For Food Manufacturers Project enables Management, Marketing and Technical teams to track the progress from brief submission, through R&D to sample submissions, internal testing and consumer/customer feedback, resubmissions  and Wins.  Using Software Solution For Food Manufacturers Project the Technical team can systematically:
  • Prioritize, manage and track their project tasks and submissions
  • Collaborate with other team members involved in any given project
  • Track product properties and record test results
  • Generate required documents (shipping documents, Product specs, etc).
This tool is role orientated so that each team member sees only the projects and tasks he or she needs to edit or view. For instance technical team members use the "My Tasks" menu to see only the incomplete tasks that have been assigned to them across projects, hence providing a personalized and efficient work view.

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers  Raw Material Database

This database is for storing all required information about your ingredients including supplier information.  Examples of properties or specifications you can define for the database include:Ingredients database
  • Physical properties such as Bulk Density, appearance etc.
  • Chemical properties could include solubility, pH, etc
  • Other Properties such as shelf life, country of origin, Kosher status, Halal status, Genetically modified status, Storage conditions, etc
Software Solution For Food Manufacturers also integrates with the USDA database of 6000+ ingredient and nutrient database  and the JECFA food additive database.

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers  Products

The products module facilitates efficient recording and sharing of all your productProducts specifications and other data required by the Marketing and Production teams. This module also facilitates the generation of product documents such as specification, nutrition statement, allergen declaration etc.
Software Solution For Food Manufacturers also allows you to track product formulations/recipe's, product properties or specifications you define, internal profiling and test results, market trials & feedback against your product.

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers  Applications

The applications module is a powerful tool for companies who are developing, testing and producing intermediary products for industrial or domestic application. When such products are tested in end application/s (e.g. cake premix), Software Solution For Food Manufacturers Application module facilitates the creation of application recipes using your product at variable levels, the creation of batch sheets and tracking of test results including market trial.  R&D teams are thus able to build a wealth of application test data for fine tuning products, producing 'recommended usage' information, and producing application samples for Marketing the product.

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers  Manufacturing

Software Solution For Food Manufacturerssupports FIFO based manufacturing, Lot/Batch tracking, Multi BOM support to track batch variations, Multi Location/Store, Yield management and detailed manufacturing instructions. Integrated inventory tracking within the Order processing process - When a purchase batch is created the stock is added. When a Product Batch is created the product is manufactured and input material stock is subtracted. When the product is shipped its stock is subtracted. 
Flexible Manufacture/Unmanufacture/Re-manufacture options. Detailed history tracking and support for Material Requirement Planning for one more products in one go.
Option to reserve stock but differ manufacturing so that it is possible to re-allocate materials to a higher priority order if required

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers  Quality Control

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers provides complete traceability of every raw material lot thereby enabling targeted product recall if required. 
For every batch of raw material purchased Software Solution For Food Manufacturers allows you to track the supplier details of that batch, QC data and generate relevant labels and documents.
For each product batch manufactured, Software Solution For Food Manufacturers facilitates the tracking of Quality control data, and generation of certificate of analysis and other regulatory documents for the batch. Control process with checklists and audit findings. Track, assign and Approve  documents.

Software Solution For Food Manufacturers  Customization

Customize ChemicaSoft<sup>F&B</sup>Software Solution For Food Manufacturersis a highly flexible suite of tools that can be customized to your needs. Software Solution For Food Manufacturers includes an easy to use 'Global Options' module for customizing and configuring Software Solution For Food Manufacturers for your organization. In addition, we can integrate Software Solution For Food Manufacturers with your existing systems (Eg. inventory management etc.) so you can use Software Solution For Food Manufacturers seamlessly alongside your current systems. We also offer to integrate and migrate your existing data to Software Solution For Food Manufacturers via import. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Features at a Glance 

  • Advanced Formula Management
  • Online collaboration between R&D and Marketing 
  • QC Analysis documentation and tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Complete traceability of every batch consumed or shipped
  • Nutrition calculator
  • Ingredient and Allergen declarations
  • User defined  properties
  • Order Processing
  • Production scheduling
  • Material requirement Planning
  • Document Manager
  • Highly configurable
  • FREE Online version for trial and evaluation